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Our Mission

Our mission is to Serve Global Healthcare needs through Empathy, Innovation and Technology by developing new and safe medicines to prevent the Health of Humankind from most serious diseases.

The company focuses on providing high quality, safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them most.


Research & Development

Shree Venkatesh International Limited views Research and Development as a vital component of business strategy that will provide us with an competitive advantage.

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  • Official Announcement

    * We do not have any sales offices except Surat.
    * Please check the authentication of the products on our website before Consumption. 


  • * Newly Launched Product

    - Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 76.5mg / 1.5ml with the Brand Name  "PARABOL 76.5mg".

    - Methenolone Enanthate 100mg with the Brand Name  "PRIMBOL 100mg".

    - Letrozole 2.5mg with the Brand Name   "LETROBOL 2.5mg".

    - Orlistat 120mg  with the Brand Name   "TRIMEX 120mg".



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