Mifeshree 200 - Mifepristone

Mifeshree is used to cause an abortion during the early part of a pregnancy. It is used up to week 10 of pregnancy (up to 70 days after the first day of your last menstrual period). Mifepristone is a synthetic steroid derived from norethisterone. 

At low doses, it blocks the effects of progesterone by competitively binding with progesterone at the progesterone receptor. In the absence of progesterone, it functions as a partial progesterone agonist. During pregnancy, mifepristone sensitises the myometrium to the contraction-inducing effect of prostaglandins. 

At high doses, it suppresses cortisol's function at the glucocorticoid receptor while increasing cortisol level when used as a treatment of hyperglycaemia in patients with Cushing's syndrome.

Other Information:

Packing strip of 1 Tablets.
Delivery lead Time: Immediate.
Port of Dispatch: Mumbai.
Mode of Export: Air Cargo/Sea Cargo/Door Delivery Cargo Couriers.
Payment terms: Bank wire terms/Letter of Credit.


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